Towards an Internet of Meaningful Things

Last updated on 19 February 2022

The ideas and technology behind ubiquitous computing and the IoT are changing our world, little by little. Moving forward, we need to make sure we’re providing things to people that have meaningful value. It’s quite simple, though…

Be meaningful by satisfying people’s needs.

We can furthermore use behavioral science to guide people towards better choices and storytelling to engage them emotionally.


I gave a talk about this at the Tag-IT Conference in Tromsø, Norway. Therese Henriksen crafted some awesomeness in the form of sketchnotes. Tusen takk!

Towards an Internet of Meaningful Things - Sketchnotes by @theresehenrix1


Click here to see the slides. What’s your take on this topic? Do you have any example of meaningless or meaningful innovation in the Internet of Things?

Towards an Internet of Meaningful Things - Cover Slide


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