The Creative Empathy Field Guide

Last updated on 13 February 2020

Finally, it’s real! The contract is signed, and the work has begun on my first book with Bookboon. The Creative Empathy Field Guide is scheduled to drop as an ebook in December 2020.

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The greatest innovations address our deepest needs, and empathy is the key to discovering them. While empathy can seem mysterious or magical, it’s more like a muscle: we can learn, train, and develop it.

This field guide provides a clear, actionable handbook for engaging empathy to create meaningful products & services. Along the journey, we’ll demystify creative empathy by examining its core concepts. We’ll then cover practical techniques to facilitate empathy in ourselves and our teams. And we’ll conclude with important ways to avoid common pitfalls. 

Let’s create things that make life better for all of us!

The Creative Empathy Field Guide - Book Cover
The Creative Empathy Field Guide will be available in December via Bookboon.

Table of Contents

The Benefits of Empathy

  • Understanding Deep Emotional Needs
  • Product-Market Fit
  • Sustainable Engagement

How Creative Empathy Works

  • Affective and Cognitive Empathy
  • Design Empathy Framework: Four Phases
  • Eindhoven Empathy Model (E=AP)

Increasing Empathic Ability

  • Develop Your Emotional Vocabulary
  • Take Acting Classes
  • Practice Mindfulness Meditation
  • Experience Life Fully

Increasing Proximity

  • Get Out of The Office
  • Simulate People’s Context
  • Eat Your Own Dog Food
  • Play the Role
  • Become Your Customer

Creative Empathy for Teams

  • Foster Psychological Safety
  • Involve the Whole Team
  • Create Characters
  • Tell Compelling Stories
  • Hire Your Customer

Final Thoughts

  • Observe Without Judgement
  • Avoid Destructive Empathy
  • Make Meaningful Matches