Strawberries in the morning 

I wake up thinking about you.

You’re in all of my senses, 

Taking over my consciousness.

You lie on your back on me…

I feel the weight of you, 

Your soft curves pressing gently into my skin.

I see the arch of your neck,

Your head draped back over my shoulder.

I smell your hair, it’s so unfair,

Your pheromones swim in every cell of my body.

I hear your breath quicken,

Your lungs expanding across my chest…

While I taste your strawberry juice,

Your fingers in my mouth, having come from somewhere else…

Your other hand wrapped around my hair. You pull my head back, not rough but not gentle either.

I respond by sliding my hands up from your smooth stomach to just below your nipples. My fingertips tease your immaculate breasts, gliding like silk around your aureolas. 

The palms of your feet press into the tops of mine as your perfect ass grinds into my groin. I feel your divine flesh on my hips, but more than that….

I feel the tip of my rock hard cock gliding in circles around your wet clit, as my pre cum mixes with your juices.

We hear the dirtiest, sexiest sounds from down there and moan together. I look at you and you at me.

And we hold our gaze there for a little eternity. Our souls reunite while our bodies play our profanely sacred game. 

With your eyes locked on mine, you slowly pull your fingers out of my mouth. I try to hold on to them with my tongue and lips, but your other hand holds me down by my hair. Your gentle strength sends a pulse of electricity down my body, into my cock, flexing it against your clit and eliciting another moan from the both of us.

Your hand reaches between your legs and presses my shaft into your folds as you grind me. Our eyes close and we both exhale deeply, savoring the infinite entirety of this moment. 

My hands grab your breasts, squeezing – not rough but not gentle either… then, I seize your nipples with my thumbs and pull upwards.

It’s just enough to apply pressure while you rub my cock around your entrance… not inside, but not outside either….

Your one hand leaves my hair and goes immediately to my balls, while the fingers of your other hand rub around the top of your swollen clit. 

Our bodies writhe together rhythmically, as if we’re dancing to the same song that neither of us can hear. It’s heaven. And we both know it.

I move one hand off your nipple to pull your head towards me. The air from your lungs, your heat and moisture caress my desperate lips, as I bring my gaze back to your eyes. 

This time, we’re beasts, savage with desire and hungry for everything we are for each other. 

And in that moment, as I fall in love with you all over again, your lips touch mine and we kiss. Eyes locked, tongues dancing, we drown in each other’s passion. Our eyes, tongues, and bodies confess everything we don’t dare say with words. 

Still kissing, I shift my hips just enough to glide the head of my cock into your tight, wet, divine pussy. A moan escapes both our mouths as our eyes close and our heads arch backwards in ecstasy.

“Oh yeah,” I hear. And as I look at you, your eyes are again locked on mine, and you nod your head…. 

“Please…,” you say, and your fingers move frantically on your clit. Your chest rises and falls in time with your heaving breath. 

I smile, putting my hands on your hips and holding your gaze. Then I push our hips together, entering you completely, slamming into you while your eyes roll back into your head and your fingers become a blur between your legs.

The orgasm rocks your entire body, sending shockwaves into every cell, every particle of your being. Your other hand clutches my balls while you cum on my cock, squeezing and massaging me while I slide in and out of you.

“Yes, fuck me” you command, as the aftershocks of your first orgasm give way to the second, already building inside you. 

I reach around to the bowl of strawberries and retrieve one. You can feel its bumpy skin trace a line between your pussy lips, moving up and down in that space between my cock inside you and your fingers on your clit. 

The stimulation surprises you, and your body responds by grinding my cock even harder into you.

“You like that, kitty?”

“Yeeeessssssssss…. Let me taste it, baby…”

My fingers squeeze the strawberry until it smashes into a pulp, rubbing its juices into the moisture between your legs. I take some of our strawberry juice into my own mouth before rubbing some more onto my fingers. 

“You’re delicious, kitty…”

My other hand reaches over, grabs your hair and pulls your head back, not rough but not gentle… and I put my strawberry fingers into your mouth. 

Our eyes lock one more time as I move on top of you. I’m between your legs now, with one in the air and the other flat on the bed. My feet find yours to caress, and we feel our intensity reaching a fever pitch. 

You massage my balls and your own clit while my strawberry fingers play in your mouth. And you feel my other hand’s fingers move to squeeze your throat, not rough but not gentle either. 

We share at each other’s eyes as we feel our mutual climaxes build. We hear the wet sounds of sex between us and feel the cosmic, sacred energy pulsating in our combined being. We are one. 

And it hits me first. My head flies backwards as I release inside you, my cock throbbing with every splash of cum I fill you with. This sends you over the edge and you cum on my cock once again, squeezing and milking me for everything I have to give. 

We float in this nirvana together, across infinite planes of existence. Our spirits meet in infinity’s womb, and our souls cradle each other for an eternity. We’ve lost all time and space, existing in this moment as pure cosmic energy. 

And as the stardust settles, we wrap each other in our arms, embracing each other with all the love in your universe. And we stay like this while I slide my cock softly in and out of you a little more. 

Your lips find mine for a kiss. And our tongues dance together in our afterglow. 

“Mmm… Strawberries…”