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Hey, Brian here! 👋🏼

I’m a writer at heart & designer by trade, helping (tech) creators use their superpowers for good.

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📖 The Creative Empathy Field Guide

Here’s a brief interview I did at UX Alive 2019 in Istanbul.

Brian Pagán

Hats I wear include keynote speaker, actor, podcaster, and UX consultant. Over the last 21 years, I’ve worked with around 50 clients, coached 21 startups, and traveled to 12 countries to give talks & teach classes.

I founded The Greatness Studio in 2016 and MindFolk in 2020. Also, I co-founded Computer Drama in 2018 and Ionian Eco Adventures in 2022.

My Philosophy
💚 More love, less fear
🏝 More nature, less screen time
🧘🏽‍♀️ More attention, less distraction
🤝 More compassion, less division

You can usually find me on a stage, trail, beach, boat, or dance floor (not too far from good coffee).

Keep choosing love, dear one!


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Human Experience Design

Creative Empathy


Ethical Design


Book: The Creative Empathy Field Guide (2020)

Podcast: MindFolk (2020-present)

Lean Startup MVP: How To Make Meaningful Products

Living into My Values

Creative Empathy for Product Design

Privacy: A Quick Overview for App Designers

Interface Design for Mobile and Tablets: Landscape vs. Portrait

Online Courses

Skillshare (2018) Design for Love: Using Storytelling to Design Love-Worthy Products & Services

Udemy (2017) How to Make Stuff People Love


Bootcamp (2022) Creative Empathy for Product Design

Toptal Blog (2022) Digging Deeper: A Practical Guide to Creative Empathy for Product Design

Toptal Blog (2019) The Future of UX Is Our Humanity

UX Collective (2018) So long, User Experience… hello, Human Experience

UX Collective (2018) Public Speaking: Four Habits for Anyone

Prototypr.io (2016) The Basics of Effective Journey Mapping

UX Magazine (2016) Four Things Great Designers Care About

Maastricht University Blog (2016) Lean Startup MVP: How To Make Meaningful Products

UX Collective (2014) Emotional Objects and Why We Love Them

Mashable (2013) 4 Myths About User Experience — And How to Bust Them

UX Magazine (2013) Four Myths About UX and How to Bust Them

UX Magazine (2012) New Design Practices for Touch-free Interactions

Academic Papers

Rijnen, Wil & Pagán, Brian & Ying, Li & Zhang, Zhihui & Gredina, Natalia. (2009). Future Workspace: Supporting Mobile Workers.

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