Hi, I’m Brian Pagán.

I’m an expat geek/psychologist turned actor, writer, and designer. Here are some things I’ve done:



2016 –International Theatre in English

  • Chorus
  • Guard #2

Chorus - Antigone - Brian Pagán - Photo by Mirko Merchiori Photography

Brian Pagán as Guard #2 in Antigone (2016) - Photo by Simone Giacomini

Walking in ignorance

2016 –reART Collective

Chess Player

Brian Pagán as Chess Player in

Oedipus Rex

2015 – International Theatre in English

  • Corinth Messenger
  • Priest #2
  • Chorus
  • Lighting Technician

Brian Pagán as the Corinth Messenger in

Brian Pagán as Priest #2 in

Pirates of Penzance

1997 – Ocean Springs Mississippi Community Theatre

  • Sergeant of Police
  • Pirate

A Christmas Carol

1997 – Biloxi Mississippi Community Theatre


Short Films

What does creativity mean to you?

2015 – 90 Years of Philips Design

Brian Pagán as himself in

Vibee Commercial

2013 – Vibee

Brian Pagán in Vibee Commercial 2013

Talks and Workshops I’ve Given

Things I’ve Written

Courses I’ve Attended

The Los Angeles Method


  • Fencing – épée and foil
  • Sketching and Painting
  • Mobile app and service design


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