Human Experience Design

Over the last 22 years, I’ve used Human Experience Design to help companies like Philips, ING, Land Life Company, and WaitWhat turn innovation strategy into award-winning products & services.

Let’s write the love story between your products and the people they empower!

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Brian Pagán

I’m a human experience designer on a mission to make the world more equitable and loving.

A US expat, I’ve given talks and workshops in 14 countries. My first book The Creative Empathy Field Guide is out now.

“Brian is truly in the top 3 UX professionals I’ve worked with over the last decade.”

Matt Chandler

UX Design Highlights

This is a selection of 100+ UX projects across healthcare, sustainability, fintech, & the internet of things. Peep my portfolio for more.

Masters of Scale Courses

UX Lead (Remote, Freelance)

The Masters of Scale Courses app offers curated courses, each centered on a 10-minute Daily Practice, to help you build and cultivate your entrepreneurial mindset. WaitWhat hired me to design the MVP of their iOS and Android apps.

uGrow Smart Parenting Platform

UX Designer

uGrow is a digital hub for new parents, connecting Philips’ smart baby products. I helped fix some retention and engagement issues before our launch at the IFA trade show.

Philips Personal Health Programs

UX Lead

The Philips Personal Health Programs use data from their range of connected health devices, to help people monitor their health. I helped create the MVP web and mobile apps.

“Brian is a passionate professional… a natural leader who brings forth not only a strong vision, and a hands-on attitude to the table, but also an infectious energy that binds a team together.”

Omna Toshniwal

🖼 Peep my Portfolio (PDF)

📃 See my CV

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As a full-circle UX lead, I can support you at any stage of product development. And here are the three things I do best:

UX Strategy

Whether Bach or Beyoncé, a choir sings with one voice. And each person on a product team should be able to contribute their own unique voice towards a shared strategy & vision; unified, not uniform.

Behavioral Design

Humans are creatures of habit; we stick with the things we love most. When people fall in love with your product or service, we can inspire healthy behavior change in them.

Digital Prototyping

Show always beats tell. And we learn best when we give people artifacts to touch & interact with. From low-fi to high-fi, paper to pixels, prototypes bring your concept to life for customers & stakeholders.

“Brian can be the driver on any UX adventure you choose, but he can also be a very helpful navigator.”

Judith Sol-Dyess